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Today at, there’s more on the details of accusations that (briefly) former state Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (Democrat) tried to buy his way into the mayor’s race in New York City. As a Republican.  Smith and others were arrested yesterday in the City. The federal prosecutor says it’s just part of a “show me the money” culture in NY politics.

Thousand Islands Bridge in 2010. (Nice paint job) Photo: Axel Drainville, CC some rights reserved

US  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (Democrat) talked with reports yesterday…all about a bill she’s co-sponsoring with Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine to preserve small dairy farms, and force the USDA to reform the way the milk pricing system works.  It doesn’t work now, she says, and small dairy farms are hurt first, and worst.  She’s got a plan for the when the Senate gets back to work on a new federal Farm Bill.

Human trafficking is in the headline recently. Yesterday SUNY canton students took their ant-trafficking message down Canton’s Main Street.

David Sommerstein found a man who enjoys his work..high up on bridges across New York. He said he’s been at the tippy-top of the lovely Thousand Islands Bridge hundreds of time, keeping the paint fresh. He’s retired fro painting these days, but still working, now on cutting firewood.

The Watertown Daily Times has an update on St. Lawrence County’s efforts to boost the sales tax and so narrow the county budget gap. No progress, as a provision to eliminate the need for an OK from the state legislature was not in the budget passed last week. The county’s representatives in Albany are working on it. Remember, it’s a big team.


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  1. Now I can see why Emperor Andrew is working hand-in-glove with Senate Republicans. Cuomo’s a moderate Republican anyways and when Senate Democrats elevate filth like Smith and Pedro Espada to majority leader, it’s easy to see why he’d want to shy away from them. Cuomo may be arrogant, imperious and autocratic, but he’s not a political idiot.

  2. Two Cents says:

    oh goody , we have an arrogant, imperious, autocratic, AND a political savvy governor.
    lets make sure we all remember these swell qualities when he’s running for potus.

  3. The Original Larry says:

    Look at Cuomo in comparison to Biden and H. Clinton and his shortcomings become painfully obvious. He’s a AAA player at best. He will be overmatched if and when he goes up against major leaguers.

  4. dan3583 says:

    True, IMHO, Larry. Cuomo doesn’t have either the national recognition or appeal.

  5. The Original Larry says:

    He doesn’t have much appeal in NY. Even many of his philosophical adherents don’t like his manner or style.

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