Lake Placid chanteuse sells “Great Gatsby” film

Lana Del Ray. Photo: Avda, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Lana Del Rey, the torch singer from Lake Placid — known in her small town life as Elizabeth Grant — provides the voice for the latest Great Gatsby trailer. Check it out.

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  1. Bob Falesch says:

    Nice pic. Inspired me to look around some more. I, um (cough), well… Whad’ya think of the perspective in this one, oh and, well, in this one?

  2. scratchy says:

    I like her voice and style. Very relaxing.

  3. newt says:

    Del Ray’s fine performance aside there is something terribly wrong with the overall music in this film. As with his earlier “Moulin Rouge”, the director, Bazz Luhrman, uses employs contemporary songs, not songs of these era being portrayed Replacing era-appropriate music with stuff from the present and recent past was sufficiently unforgivable in a film about Paris in La Belle Epoque, but to do so in one of the classic stories about the Twenties, when American popular music, especially jazz, arrived to dominate the world cultural scene, is both inexplicable, and beyond redemption. So we get concoctions by Will i Am and Jay Z, instead of Louis Armstrong or George Gershwin. I guess Luhrman thinks this will get the kids to buy tickets. I hope he’s wrong.

    The del Ray song and performance has a kind of timeless quality, however, so it gets my critical approval.

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