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  1. Mick says:

    What an awesome film! It makes me want to book a room in Minerva for a whole week! Hold it, there isn’t anyplace to stay. Oh well.

    This is a hollow attempt to promote tourism, so the Governor can feel justified over his land acquisition. How can there be tourism when there are no places to stay?

  2. Brian Mann says:

    Mick – There are INDEED places to stay near Minerva — like within a few miles. A nice bed and breakfast right in the hamlet…

    -Brian, NCPR

  3. Hank says:


    How many of the locales in the video can you recognize and name?

  4. Brian Mann says:

    It’s funny you ask, Hank, because I was sort of giving shout-outs to favorite spots, views, communities.

    –B, NCPR

  5. The Original Larry says:

    State land acquisition is an arguable issue, but that’s not the point here and it certainly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t promote the beauty of the Adirondacks. Films like this will attract the right sort of tourists and will help promote the growth of healthy tourism. That growth, however, will be incremental. You don’t build it and hope they will come. New growth only come with the expectation of reasonable ROI.

  6. Pete Klein says:

    Thanks for the smooth ride! It must have been a good day without air pockets.

  7. Mick says:

    Brian, you know full well that a hundred “tourist” cabins are being torn down this year.

  8. tourpro says:

    Thanks for sharing Brian!

    At 2:52, top of Ampersand…. that’s me!!

  9. Terence says:

    “This is a hollow attempt to promote tourism.” Still trying to wrap my head around that comment…

    Anyhow, thanks for the lovely video.

  10. newt says:

    What Terrence said.

  11. newt says:

    I’m probably the last person in the world to figure this out, but I’ve often been frustrated in the past at seeing something this post, but, unusual for me, having no comment to make (I did manage the semi-inane one, above). In other words, giving it a “like”, which you can’t do for the actual posts, only comments (Sad, I know, when concerns like this one occupy a person ).

    I was smart enough to go to my facebook page, post it, and “liked” it. And went to the NCPR FB page, where I also l”liked” it. So now the two dozen or so friends and family who follow me on facebook will get to see a beautiful video of where we live, and learn that we got it from our favorite public radio station.

  12. dan3583 says:

    My wife and I did the seaplane tour in Long Lake a few years back, in the Fall.

    In a word, nifty.

  13. newt says:

    Everyone should do this at least once in their lives.

  14. newt says:

    Speaking of seaplanes and this region, I note that the station authorities have replaced the image on that great orange promotional square with an image of what appears to be a ’30’s Pan Am trans-pacific passenger seaplane. It appears to be flying over the Adirondacks. A big improvement, but, ah, weren’t there any single-engine float planes available for this image?

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