Drug bust in Massena highlights NYC link

A multi-agency drug task force announced today 12 people were arrested in Massena on federal drug trafficking charges. According to a news release, the investigation netted 380 grams of cocaine, 377 grams of heroine, 100 grams of crack, 5 handguns, and $11,000 in cash.

Almost all of those arrested are young, under the age of 30. And while most of them are from Massena, what’s interesting is that three are from New York City. Law enforcement officials highlighted this connection between local street crime in the North Country and larger, more organized suppliers from NYC “who travel north seeking new and expanded markets.”

In the release, St. Lawrence County District Attorney Nicole DuvĂ© called the bust “an important step in addressing the increasing presence of urban heroin and cocaine supply networks in northern St. Lawrence and Franklin counties.”



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  1. SESZOO says:

    Congratulations to the authorities in the Massena area and the ones in the Franklin cty and Saranac Lake areas earlier on getting a lot of the harder drugs and some weapons off of our streets . These days it seems that we are reading more and more about the heroin and cocaine busts and more spin off crimes that go along with that activity , It would be nice if this latest round of arrests keeps us safer but with the money involved there’s probably someone trying to figure how to step in and start bringing their loads of junk up here or down through Canada tonight. The local leaders have their work cut out in coming up with a plan to keep this off the streets, ,One idea lately was the Boys and Girls club they floated in Massena ,It would be good.. IF…you can get and keep the kids interested especially kids the on the edge , As much as we’d like ,this is a no longer small time country area , and it’s going to be a long hard fight reverseing the trend ,helping the kids to change with teaching more trades for a start and give them a different direction instead of the one way spiral down.

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