Minor oil spill on St. Lawrence near Cape Vincent

The submerged tug. Photo courtesy Jefferson's Leaning Left blog.

The submerged tug. Photo courtesy Jefferson’s Leaning Left blog.

A small tug boat sank this morning in the St. Lawrence River, in front of the Border Patrol station in Cape Vincent. The vessel sank in about eight feet of water and spilled fuel oil into the river. Service of the Wolfe Island Ferry was suspended.

Department of Environmental Conservation spokesman Steve Litwiler says the DEC police and spill response team are on the scene. He says the spill has been contained. Litwiler says less than 10 gallons of oil leaked into the water.

In a press release, Clayton-based green group Save The River director, Lee Willbanks, says he is “encouraged that proper steps are being taken” to control the impact of the spill:

While it is too soon to have a clear picture of exactly what the extent of the spill will be, we are fortunate that it is a calm day so that the area affected is relatively contained.

You can see photos of the spill on the Jefferson’s Leaning Left blog.

We’ll have more on this story as warranted.


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  1. Lynda Crothers says:

    Hornes Ferry travels from Cape Vincent to Wolfe Island on the south shore Not the Wolfe Islander that travels from Kingston Ont. to Wolfe Island.

  2. Dale Hobson says:

    Lynda–Thanks for the correction. I’ll look for a more appropriate photo. Dale Hobson, NCPR

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