Regional roundup: Common Core, E-ciggs, etc.

Photo: Horsten, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

An E-cigarette, deconstructed. Photo: Horsten, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Sharp critiques of the new Common Core curriculum abound, while arguments in favor of the new educational standards – from parents, teachers, and students on the front lines – are virtually nowhere to be found. One of the latest complaints about the new standards comes from state teachers’ unions, who say children as young as 4 should not be given standardized tests. Karen DeWitt will have more on that tomorrow.

In other news, the Hudson Falls Village Board decided to do away with a rule that prohibited sitting or lying in the grass in one of the parks. As the Glenns Falls Post-Star writes: “Board members said they did not realize the rule was in the law, and they agreed with members of the public who said it was not necessary.” A similar rule for Church Street in Burlington, VT had the same fate a few years ago.

A new shop, entirely devoted to selling E-cigarettes and their accessories, has recently opened in Potsdam. Eric Kreizman, owner of Gourmet Vapor Electronic Cigarettes, says the controversial nicotine products helped him stop smoking two packs of regular, tobacco cigarettes each day. Those who support E-cigarettes say it’s healthier to inhale water vapor than smoke. Skeptics emphasize that E-cigarette consumers are still addicted to nicotine. The FDA says it has not fully studied the effects of the things, which are still pretty new.

And here are the stories we’re working on for tomorrow morning:

Sarah Harris reports out on a meeting in Plattsburgh tonight, organized by a regional alliance of parents and others concerned about what they call “high stakes” testing.

Brian Mann has the latest from the Adirondack Park Agency meeting in Ray Brook.

Musicians Tom Akstens and Neil Rossi celebrate fifty years of playing together with a concert this Sunday afternoon at Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek. We’ll have a preview.


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  1. Doesn’t say much that village board members didn’t bother reading what they vote on. They met once a month, I believe.

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