Canton Central School merger meeting Wednesday night

Photo: KB35 creative commons, some rights reserved

Photo: KB35 creative commons, some rights reserved

FYI, via a press release from the school district: Canton Central School District will hold a “Town Hall” meeting to update the community on the school merger process on Wednesday, January 22nd, at 7:00 p.m. in the Canton High School Auditorium.  District officials will provide an overview of the merger process before opening the floor to public questions.

The Canton and Potsdam schools have been considering a merger for some time now; a merger study is in process.


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  1. DeeplySighing says:

    As a grad of AuSable Valley Central School let me encourage you to find another way.
    School mergers rip the hearts out of two communities.
    Kids spend hours on buses when they used to walk.
    Share administrators, teachers, lunch supervisors, bus maintenance garages, snow plows but leave the kids in their schools.

  2. The Original Larry says:

    “Central School” indicates that the school is already the result of consolidation, albeit most of them many years ago. People would do well to remember why those schools were consolidated in the first place: it was no longer feasible to maintain many small schools in every community that originally had one. There is a desirable economy of scale that outweighs the disadvantages. If a community can no longer support a school on a reasonable basis, its heart has probably stopped already.

  3. Michael Greer says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that a single consolidated facility is being discussed here, only the merging of administrations and special services. Some of Canton’s students from those far corners of the district already spend too much time on the bus, and far too many parents remedy that problem by driving their kids to school.

  4. Mervel says:

    Nothing good happens on a school bus, I don’t think driving your kids to school is a bad thing, particularly when as you say kids are sitting a long time on a bus.

    But regardless I think consolidation really needs to be studied. I am open to it as a Canton parent, however the whole point is to provide fiscal sustainability over a long period of time, if it does not do that, than there is no point to consolidating. Yes you will have some savings, but you will also have some costs.

    There is no doubt that consolidation is what the state of NY wants us to do.

  5. Mervel says:

    Its like we never get to the bottom of this endless crises of not having enough funding. If something is a crisis for 5 years is it still a crisis or is it just the status-quo

  6. dbw says:

    No one seems to be asking if the current model is sustainable financially, energy-wise or any other way. Consolidated schools were made possible by cheap, readily available energy, and that is going away. Local administrators don’t have to face that reality because at present 90% of their transportation costs are paid by the State. For them that is just a revenue stream. There are also those arguing that the current model is no longer financially sustainable. Long term we may well end up with community based schools enhanced by electronic access to classes. In the meantime, further consolidation is a misallocation of resources.

  7. The Original Larry says:

    The reason we “never get to the bottom of this endless crises” is that the education industry knows that people are more likely to approve spending increases if they are presented as “emergencies”, “crises” or “unavoidable”. Add to that the inability of people to tell the difference between “nice to have” and “what we can afford” and you have what we have now: unsupportable expenses, over-dependence on inflated budgets and plenty of finger pointing and head scratching.

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