How to fix the Common Core in NYS?

Photo: Todd Petrie, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Photo: Todd Petrie, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Yesterday, state assembly Republicans unveiled a new plan (cleverly called the Achieving Pupil Preparedness and Launching Excellence, or “APPLE,” plan) to fix what’s wrong with the Common Core standards implementation in New York state. The implementation has been controversial since it began, in terms of what’s taught, how it’s taught, and how student learning is measured.

That plan (you can read more here and here, thanks to North Country Now for posting!) calls for eight changes that concern both the Common Core and the educational system more broadly. These include (from a press release from Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush’s office):

  • Evaluating state assessments and curriculum;
  • Providing funding equity;
  • Preparing teachers with Career Development and Training for Common Core;
  • Allowing teacher involvement in approving age- and developmentally-appropriate material;
  • Restricting the use of student data;
  • Placing priority on a student’s individual needs, especially in the case of special needs students, requiring that their Individualized Education Plan supersede any Common Core Standards;
  • Creating a vocational and technical high school diploma; and
  • Revamping the State Education Department with checks and balances from the legislature and the governor.

More detail in the docs linked above. Pretty interesting stuff, actually.

Meanwhile, in DeKalb Junction, the company Teacher’s Desk Consultants will hold a class for parents on Monday where they can learn how their kindergarten – 2nd grade kids are now learning math (North Country Now). That class will cost parents $5 each.


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  1. Dan Denney says:

    Couldn’t get a printable version from links past my Norton Firewall even after disabling ‘Smart Firewall.’ Would like to read plan in full. Anything that can be done?

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