Carthage Area Hospital to lay off 20%, cut beds

carthagemap_375Catherine Loper of WRVO News is reporting:

Carthage Area Hospital is laying off 20 percent of its workforce in an effort to increase efficiency and save money.

Citing changes in the healthcare industry, the hospital is consolidating its critical care unit and the medical, surgical, pediatric unit from 30 beds to 10.

Dietary services will also be combined with the Meadowbrook Terrace assisted living facility. Officials say the changes do not impact the patient care of services offered at the hospital.

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3 Comments on “Carthage Area Hospital to lay off 20%, cut beds”

  1. mervel says:

    Changes in the health care industry=obamacare?

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  2. dave says:

    That might be the public perception, Mervel… but it has the chicken and egg mixed up.

    In other words, this isn’t happening because of Obamacare. Obamacare happened because of this.

    “Changes in the healthcare industry” have been cited (blamed) for things like this for years and years. Way before Obama was even elected. Hospitals were in trouble – were closing, downsizing, consolidating, struggling – and that healthcare costs were rising at absurd rates, long before Obamacare was even conceived. These are some of the very reasons it was conceived, and will hopefully address.

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  3. The Original Larry says:

    Hospitals aren’t in trouble….they are part of the trouble, along with doctors and the rest of the healthcare industry. Obamacare, however well intentioned, doesn’t address the root cause of the “crisis”: people who want to make obscene profits out of human illness and suffering. Instead, it focuses on the insurance industry, which merely passes on the cost of insuring against outrageous charges. That’s why it won’t work.

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