Sochi cuteness

The new Russian bear?  Photo:  Nancie Battaglia, all rights reserved

The new Russian bear? Photo: Nancie Battaglia, all rights reserved

NCPR’s Sochi correspondent Nancie Battaglia is on her way to the Winter Games.  During a layover in the Moscow airport, she sent back this pic of one of the mascots for the 2014 Winter Games.

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  1. The Original Larry says:

    There’s nothing cute about a crytpo-fascist organization with a long history of helping totalitarian regimes polish their global images.

  2. wakeup says:

    Wow Debbie Downer is in the house. You’d think in the spirit of the world coming together for friendly competition we could cut out the rhetoric.

  3. dave says:

    “The most expensive Olympics ever”, “The most corrupt Olympics ever”, “The homophobic Olympics”, “The poisoning dogs Olympics”

    Even the biggest Olympic Pollyannas have to admit there are plenty of things to be a downer about here.

  4. The Original Larry says:

    It isn’t rhetoric, it’s history. Read up on the history of the IOC and especially, Avery Brundage. They shilled for Hitler twice, awarded games to Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy (both cancelled because of war, but eventually re-scheduled), and have a long history of anti-semitism, racial bigotry and financial corruption. Sadly, Brundage, an American, was at the heart of some of the worst abuses. Read up on Jim Thorpe, Sam Stoller, Marty Glickman, Tommy Smith and John Carlos and then tell me if you think the Olympica are “cute.” These all are Americans, god only knows the abuses suffered by athletes from other countries in the name of the Olympic spirit.

  5. The Original Larry says:

    I forgot to mention the 1972 Olympic Massacre. 17 dead, including Israeli athletes and coaches, not to mention terrorists and a policeman, but the Games must go on! Brundage, again. Cute!

  6. oa says:

    I’m with Larry. And I hope Nancie’s phone and computer haven’t been hacked yet.
    By the way, this link appears to have been hacked.
    Here’s another:

  7. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    You missed the Atlanta Olympic bomb and the Richard Jewel fiasco, Larry.

  8. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    I love to watch the events but I don’t get to see much since I don’t have TV. I feel like the Olympics have gotten to be as corporate as the NFL, though. it’s more about big money and selling stories than about sport. Beautiful people get better coverage and more sponsorships than ugly people, venues cost billions to build while locals live in poverty, NBC (right? NBC) limits the number of events you can watch and the competitors you will see…

    Still, go team USA!

  9. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Oh, and go team Canada! Good luck neighbors! Go all of you individual athletes who have trained hard, wherever you’re from! medal or not you’ve done great!

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