Warren County moves toward selling its nursing home


Westmount Health Facility in Queensbury. Photo via WarrenCountyNY.gov

The company that’s bought several nursing homes in our area in the last few years (including Horace Nye in Elizabethtown, the sale of which was finalized, after a long delay, earlier this month) is in negotiations to buy Westmount Health Facility in Queensbury. The Glens Falls Post-Star reports that Warren County’s Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to move forward with the sale to Specialty Care Group, “despite protestations from some supervisors and local residents who urged committee members to hold off.”

The company would pay $2.3 million for Westmount, which will apparently likely cost the county $700,000 this year. There’s also an expensive complication with the facility’s heating system, about which there’s more detail in the article.

Those local residents and supervisors who were against moving forward gave a few reasons, having to do with unresolved legal issues around the heating system; Medicaid reimbursements; the sale price; and allowing more locals to have a say in the matter.

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  1. Barbara Paye says:

    Too bad Warren County Supervisors aren’t capable of doing what the residents of Warren County elected them to do like fix the difficult problems and serve the people. They like Essex and Hamilton Counties are taking the easy way out! They are throwing away their elderly!

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