NY21 candidates have more than pocket money “on hand”


Correction: This post erroneously stated that the New York Republican party was supporting Matt Doheny. In fact, the statement of support linked to in this post is from the New York state Independence Party.

Candidates in the 21st Congressional District race were required this week to turn in the numbers on how much they have to spend on their campaigns. Tuesday was the due date, and the numbers are interesting for Elise Stefanik, Aaron Woolf and Matt Doheny.

All three candidates have respectable amounts of “cash on hand,” the Watertown Daily Times is reporting: That is, money they can spend on ads and other campaign expenses in the race. But Matt Doheny, who has the support of the Republican New York state Independence party and will likely go up against Elise Stefanik in a Republican primary in June, has the most, with $516,444. Democrat Aaron Woolf is next, with $403,405, and Stefanik trails the pack with $350,825.

Another interesting number is the amount the three candidates have loaned their respective campaigns: Doheny has loaned his $250,500; Woolf, $200,000; and Stefanik much less, at $15,000.

Meanwhile, the Independence Party is challenging Stefanik’s petition for that party’s ballot line, saying she got far too few signatures to qualify (WWNY-TV). Doheny, potential Aaron Woolf challenger Stephen Burke, and Green Party member Matt Funicello have also been challenged. So we’ll see where that goes.


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  1. Jim Bullard says:

    A “who has the most money” report. Annnd, I’ve gotten requests for donations in my email but, I’ve yet to hear their positions on any issues. From any of them. Compared to the hoopla around this seat when Owens first ran this campaign is almost top secret, except that they want donations of course. I’m tempted to agree with Wavy Gravy the the best person for the job is “nobody”.

  2. Nick Southwick says:

    The article says that Matt Doheny has the support to the Republican Party, but links to a statement of support from the state Independence Party. Elise Stefanik has the support of most of the Republican Party county chairs.

  3. tootightmike says:

    …and she has the support of Tom Jenison….oooooooooh…. Now THERE’S something to be proud of.

  4. Ah the traditional “inside baseball” so meaningless to ordinary voters and so cherished by mainstream journalists.

  5. The Original Larry says:

    Ok, Brian, we get it it. Not all “ordinary voters” are as bored as you, and probably not as cool as you, either. Repetition, on the other hand, is boring as hell.

  6. Well Larry, when the repetitive articles about non-issues stop, so will the repetitive criticism.

  7. Sorry Larry but most commenters follow the same themes from topic to topic, myself included. Don’t flatter yourself into thinking you’re immune.

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