Elise Stefanik gets Mitt Romney’s endorsement in NY21 race

Elise Stefanik. Image: Campaign website

Elise Stefanik. Image: Campaign website

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is endorsing NY21 Republican Congressional candidate Elise Stefanik (Glens Falls Post-Star; and Stefanik’s response). Stefanik is facing Matt Doheny in a primary for the Republican nomination in the race. Stefanik has the Conservative Party nomination; Doheny has the Independence Party nomination. The first debate between Stefanik and Doheny is tonight (watch it on Time Warner Cable News, formerly YNN, or follow it live on Twitter @ncpr) with the primary on Tuesday, June 24.

It’s not a huge surprise that Romney, who’s weighing in on races all across the country (Roll Call), would endorse Stefanik: She was a staffer for his vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who endorsed her back in January and who’ll be appearing at a fundraising dinner for Stefanik on June 2 in Watertown. In a press release, Romney said Stefanik “understands the needs of small businesses and how to grow the local economy. She is a person of integrity. Every campaign is different, but values don’t change.”

Here’s some more recent information on the candidates and the race. So, what do you think? Is this going to make a difference for Stefanik?

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  1. Paul says:

    Who has the republican party nod?

    It may help her some with more moderate republicans (like me). I appreciate his opinion. But he likes thinks like a higher minimum wage etc. that stings some of the too far right types.

  2. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Does she really want to publicize an endorsement from Willard “Mitt” “Mittens” Romney?

  3. wakeup says:

    Why not? Because you don’t like Mitt Romney?

  4. Peter Hahn says:

    Paul – she is a Paul Ryan protege. If you like Paul Ryan and his budget she’s your woman.

  5. Paul says:

    Peter, Paul Ryan’s, or anyone else’s budget, is just a starting point for a discussion. I am sure (like other candidates) she has her own ideas as well. If she get the chance to get into office she will evolve just like any other politician.

  6. Mr. Wakiki says:

    Any nomination to replace Owen’s has a couple problems.

    1) Owens’ decision not to run was sudden and there was no one groomed (on either side) to replace him

    2) Politics as we have them. We now spend more time discussion why someone is not capable, than any discussion about how they are qualified.

  7. Peter Hahn says:

    Paul – I agree she would eventually evolve, but the way it works as I understand it, is… if she is elected she will owe Paul Ryan. She will owe him votes and support. She evidently did say in the debates that she would not have voted for the Ryan budget. Its probably a smart thing to say, but also probably not correct.

  8. Paul says:

    I may not agree with some of their ideas but I am glad to see some younger folks trying to get in there. Too much gray hair in DC. She has done a lot for a 29 year old. It is also good to see a woman taking a crack at this one.

    I think that one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest issues is that there are still a number of people who simply will not vote for a woman (especially for president) even if they are democrats.

  9. Peter Hahn says:

    Personally I don’t agree with any of their ideas. As far as I can tell their ideas are all straight out of the 19th century. But it would be nice to get some younger people in there.

  10. Peter Hahn says:

    and… as I think about it, the comment that being a woman candidate is an issue is not thought out well. This district voted for Kirsten Gillibrand, Betty Little, Shirley Seney, Dede Scozafava, etc.

  11. Paul says:

    Peter, I didn’t say that there are not a number of women holding political office in that area. Like you said there are. My “poorly thought out comment” was simply one where I said I was glad to see a woman running for that seat. Didn’t look into it till you busted me on it but it looks like the number of women who have filled this seat in the past is zero.

  12. Peter Hahn says:

    Paul – Kirsten Gillibrand was the congressional representative for large parts of the district before redistricting.

  13. Peter Hahn says:

    “poorly thought out” was not meant seriously

  14. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    wakeup, it seems to me that an endorsement from Romney makes Stefanik seem less like a “local”, more like someone being foisted on the North Country by outside big-money interests. What is Romney’s connection to the district? Romney doesn’t hold a public office, either. I can see an endorsement from Paul Ryan being useful. Ryan is a powerful figure in Congress and if Stefanik were elected that connection could prove valuable for the district. Romney? He aint nothin.

    on the other hand, at least he isn’t Donald Trump. Let’s all make a pact: nobody votes for the candidate Donald Trump endorses.

  15. Paul says:

    knuck, I already said that it mattered to me. I suspect it might also matter to others, so I disagree that it aint nothin.

    Paul Ryan’s endorsement means less to me. I appreciate that the guy is a hunter but other than that I am not much of a fan.

  16. Mervel says:

    I do think that if she can show an immediate connection to influence in Congress that has to be a positive for her. Being heavily dependent on government and particularly military spending, I would want someone who had access to those decisions.

  17. Generally speaking, endorsements don’t sway voters. Unless they are unexpected (Owens endorsing Stefanik, for example, would’ve been a big deal). But an establishment Republican like Romney or Ryan endorsing the candidate of the GOP establishment isn’t particularly noteworthy. The main thing these endorsements are useful for is to help the candidates raise money by presenting the approval of the grand pooh bahs as an illustration of “viability.”

  18. Mervel says:

    Yes I think that is correct Brian. Particularly for candidates who are just starting or are relatively unknown, which would include all of these candidates.

    The entire process essentially comes down to fundraising. We are swayed by media, media is expensive.

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