St. Lawrence County’s high school grad rate higher than average

Photo: jeco, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Photo: jeco, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

It looks like St. Lawrence County high school kids are graduating at a higher rate than the state average. On Monday, the state Board of Regents and Education Commissioner released the high school graduation rates for the 2008 cohort (that’s the class that began in 2008 – full report here.) The Daily Courier-Observer parsed the data.

Here’s how all that breaks down: The statewide graduation rate for the cohort of students entering high school in 2008 remained at 74 percent, the same rate as the 2007 cohort. Meanwhile, the median graduation rate for St. Lawrence County school districts was at 85 percent, according to the report. That’s consistent with statewide results showing that graduation rates in the “Big 5” city school districts (more info in the report) have generally decreased for the 2008 cohort, while rates for rural school districts had increased.

Eight St. Lawrence County schools reported that 90 percent or more of the freshmen that entered high school in 2008 had earned their degrees by August, 2013. Heuvelton graduated 93 percent of its 43 students and had the highest graduation rate of all St. Lawrence school districts.

Potsdam, Parishville-Hopkinton and Clifton-Fine each had graduation rates of 92 percent, while Hermon-DeKalb and Lisbon graduated 91 percent of their students and St. Lawrence Central and Norwood-Norfolk did the same for 90 percent of their students.

Canton and Colton-Pierrepont both graduated 86 percent of its students. Madrid-Waddington graduated 85 percent, Gouverneur graduated 84 percent and Ogdensburg Free Academy graduated 80.5 percent of its students.

On the down side, Massena, Edwards-Knox, and Hammond maintained graduation rates between 76 and 79 percent, making these schools closer to the statewide average.

At Edwards-Knox, 11.8 percent of the 34 students in the 2008 cohort dropped out. In a close second, Ogdensburg Free Academy experienced a 11.7 percent dropout rate.

With a 75.6 percent graduation rate, Massena reported that 11 percent of their 217 students in the 2008 cohort dropped out of school before August 2013.


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  1. The Original Larry says:

    Very nice, no sarcasm intended. The real question is how many NYS graduates can read, write and do math beyond the most rudimentary level? Are there any stats that tell us that?

  2. zeke says:

    Is there anywhere, maybe a school report card, where one can determine how many days of school each graduate was in attendance?

  3. Mervel says:

    Wow so those “farmers” down at Herman-DeKalb have a higher graduation rate than Canton.

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