Farm life one Tweet at a time

Andrew Campbell, centre, Tweeted this photo of his family from the @FreshAirFarmer account on April 23, 2014.

Andrew Campbell (green jacket) with his farm family. Image: Andrew Campbell/Twitter

Southern Ontario dairy farmer Andrew Campbell plans to tweet a photo every day in 2015 by way of Twitter @FreshAirFarmer.

Other projects have centered around the idea of bringing farm life to light. Consider David Sommerstein’s original “Year 0n the Farm” series for NCPR back in 2006, his new one in 2014, and its accompanying Tumblr blog.

The Campbell family farm is between London and Windsor, which is between the even-bigger cities of Toronto and Detroit.

Not so close to NCPR country. But the life they live will seem familiar to many ag families across the northeast.

It’s a third-generation farm. Campbell, with his wife and parents, take care of 50 cows on 200 hectares (500 acres) of cropland and pasture. They produce, corn, soy, wheat, hay and milk.

And what should he tweet for the first photo of 2015? Some suggested he start with the alarm clock, set for 4:45 each and every morning. As reported by CBC:

Campbell has New Year’s Eve plans, so he thinks the alarm clock has potential.

“A short sleep on New Year’s Eve is always part of the fun,” said Campbell.

Others have asked for a baby New Year type picture of a calf, which may be possible. Campbell has two pregnant cows, ready to give birth any day.

“It would be an awesome, but what are the odds the baby arrives on that day?” he asked.

Well, wouldn’t you know it? At 1:40 am the Campbells got a New Year’s calf.

When the CBC story came out on Dec 31 he had almost 7,000 followers. As of this writing that number stood a tad over 9,000.

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