How snowy????? is reporting that the snowiest place in America is a backyard outside Copenhagen, a village in Lewis County — yes the Tug Hill. How much snow? More than 21 feet, on a board at Bill Hanchek’s house. He’s a National Weather Service volunteer, and official snow measurer.

Local people won’t be surprised, I bet, either by the year’s total, or that fact that it’s the deepest in the country. They should be very used to that sort of notoriety. Apropos of our new series This Must Be the Place, check this astounding old movie of “plowing” snow, busting through really, on the Tug Hill. The year is 1939. Plow made by Frink, the now defunct company from Clayton:

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  1. Jim Bullard says:

    A little before my time but I grew up on Tug Hill (a mile outside Barnes Corners) and I clearly remember the snow. We moved there in winter 1948 and were promptly snowed in to 3 days.

  2. jeff says:

    My wife lived 4 miles east southeast of Copenhagen and remembers a winter in the early ’70’s, not the blizzard of ’77, when she, as a teenager, could stand on the snowbanks and touch the telephone lines and the road was so narrow the school bus could not use the road because it had become too narrow.

    One thing about the snow in Copenhagen, a lot of it comes from somewhere else, via drifting. It has not been paraded for awhile but at times a state snowblower has been in the county fair parade.

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